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Replacing That Old Bathtub

“I recently replaced the bathroom’s tub with a new tub that meets all of my criteria for luxury. However, I had some troubles with the company I purchased it through. Is Fresno Tub Replacement worth it? Will it hold up to me and my family?” This is a common question among home owners, who are replacing their bathtubs. Many of our clients are pleased with our work and the answers they provide, but here are some common questions we often hear from customers.

“I’m in the process of selecting a new tub, but I’ve had some trouble finding a supplier in Fresno. Does Fresno bathtub replacement fit my needs?” Most bathtub replacement companies can help you find a provider near you if you have a current bathtub and enough of an established customer base. “Baths are very nice looking, but do they hold up well?”

Reglazing a bathtub involves stripping bathtub insulation, removing old plumbing, replacing plumbing, and adding new plumbing and/or fixtures to a bathtub. Before any of these steps are taken, your existing bathtub is stripped, and the surrounding tiles and grout are cleaning to prevent leaks. If you choose to add new bathtub fixtures, we highly recommend a professional plumber to make sure the fitting is correct. Our mission is to provide you with a beautiful new bathtub and a bathroom that will last for many years. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products and service that will ensure you are satisfied with your final project.

“Will removing the shower door affect the value of my home?” Many homeowners with older shower doors wonder this. Depending on the condition of your shower door and the condition of the door frame, the removal of the shower door may not be a big deal. In most cases, removing the door will not be a hindrance to building a new bathtub reglazing project. If the door does need to be removed, it is always a good idea to make sure the replacement fixture will fit in the opening.

“I have a tub and want to replace the flooring, but am unsure how to begin my new bathtub replacement project.” Bathtub replacement isn’t as simple as just pouring some concrete down the drain. There are a number of steps involved in a successful bathtub reglazing project. When considering your bathroom remodel, it is important to ask yourself “What are my options? How best can I utilize my existing resources to create a great new bathtub replacement that fits my needs?”

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to get help with any bathroom remodeling project. Professional plumbers with experience can offer guidance on the best way to replace your old bathtub with a new one. They can also help you make a list of all of your possible remodeling needs and suggest the best route to take to complete the project. It’s well worth taking a few hours of stress away from your schedule to have a professional plumber look over your bathroom for you.